Friday, December 2, 2011

FEV sneak peek: Dana Falconberry

For our most recent Femme et velo shoot this past Sunday, I was thrilled to shoot one of my best friends and one of the most beautiful women I know, the super talented musician Dana Falconberry. I love making Dana model for me (check out this previous Dana's Picks post on the blog) and I love making her play dress up, so this was just another Sunday afternoon for us. Dana's music is all about the beauty and wonder of nature, so  it seemed appropriate for the boys and I to packed her and my old red cruiser into the van and take off for the woods. 

Zach and Mike are always going on long bike rides through the country, so we headed for a little spot they'd found towards Manor...

Off we go!

I have the most stylish photographers.

I mean, come on, right?

Ah! Love this girl!

Just hangin' out under the bridge, is all...

Us and the buzzards.

We found this beautiful property...

It was still green.

I like this shot a lot.

Sometimes we shoot and we could be anywhere, but I felt very Texas today.

This look was my favorite.

Dana's new album cover, perhaps?

Oh, to be alive!

Don't be mad, Zach, we'll shoot again next week.

Such a wonderful model!

Looks good, guys. Can't wait to see Mike and Zach's photos come Monday!


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