Monday, November 21, 2011

Party on

Who needs a large dehydrated bird and a box of Stovetop to remind you what you're thankful for when there are weekends like this? My world was stuffed with good friends old and new, good music, good food, and good times starting with our East Austin Studio Tour happening on Saturday night. We stayed open late and splashed red wine and pink Moscow Mules while the fabulous Kate and Andy spun vinyl and Devaki Knowles cranked out one killer photobooth (stocked with amazing props crafted by our artist Aaron Flynn, of course). The turnout was stellar, and we're always so happy to share our space with so many wonderful souls whenever we can. I was too busy taking care of business to snap photos of all my favorite people out that night, but here are a few gems.


Corey and Morgan

New friends

Davi and Jackie!

Love Drea in this wolf head that Aaron made

Darling Jennifer rocking another of Aaron's props

Marques Harper of the Statesman

Talented jewelry designer Margot Wolf and model/photographer Shelley Neuman

Erin, contemplating a radical change

Babes in new CSV sequins on the couch

Our artist Aaron Flynn in his tutu cape

DJ Andy, fine and dandy
(love those leather suspenders with corsage)

Mr. Billy Beasty, making party face

Then the next night my partner Allyson hosted a beautiful celebration of thanks in her backyard. My tiny little camera phone couldn't begin to capture how lovely the evening was, with big paper lanterns, succulents filled with rhinestones and sequins on every table, hand painted feathers at each setting, and some of the most amazing folk in Austin. The meal was catered by Royal Fig, complete with a donut bar for dessert with chocolate and lemon glaze and little shot glasses of almond milk. 
So magical...

Bonus drawing in the book of thanks

Kate and Charlotte

Topza and I stealing everyone's feathers to make headdresses

Mood lighting

Wonderful Michael and his wonderful mama

Allyson and Angel


Michelle and Tiana

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