Friday, September 2, 2011

Heavenly Celeste

I did a really fun photo shoot last weekend with...

Celeste Griffin, the lovely voice behind the band Monarchs

If you haven't seen them play yet, you have to make it down to the Mohawk on Thursday September 15 for their final show before Celeste moves to New York! I'm sad that she's taking that amazing voice so far away, but we did get some great new promo shots for her with...

 ...the talented Mr. Brandon T. Beasley, in the beautiful home he shares with Monarchs manager/cheerleader Morgan Catalina and a herd of wild dogs.

Celeste gifted Brandon and Morgan this gorgeous upright piano. Under the lid are signatures and dates from every tuning, dating back into the 1920's.

Here's a little vignette I created on top of the piano. 

And this one, too.

Lakeside, Chicago.

My shots kept overlapping the flash on Brandon's fancy camera in really interesting ways.

I really liked the way the light caught the sequins and the corrugated metal.

Classically beautiful.

Morgan made the most incredible roasted beet fries with chipotle pesto and an almond-okra masterpiece, so you can't really blame the dog for begging.


This ended up being my favorite outfit from the night.

We listened to a lot of hip hop that night. Can you tell?

Not that kind of shoot, silly!

That's a wrap!

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