Monday, August 22, 2011

Femme et velo sneak peek: Tiffany Tso

The wheels are turning here at Charm School, thanks to my talented friends Zachary Hunt and Mike Andrick and their Henri Cartier-Bressan meets Bill Cunningham blog Femme et velo. I've had so much fun styling for them, it's whisking me back to my first car-less year living in Austin, when my two-wheeler was my primary mode of transportation and I ruined a wardrobe's worth of 50's dresses and platform heels in the name of chic cycling. 

It also reminds me just how restrictive most women's clothing is. Though half the time I can't raise my arms above my head or bend over to tie my shoe in modern clothing, even with vintage you can find garments that are graceful and still serviceable. My suggestions? Go for a full skirt over a narrow one. Embrace elastic. Whether you can see them or not, always wear shorts. Remember that it's easier to ride your bike in towering shoes than to actually walk in them. And if you want more pointers, come visit me in the shop.

As much as I love putting the clothing together, I'm just as excited that I've gotten to reach out and work with some super talented ladies-about-town on this project. Our next model is blogger/stylist/Nylon Daily writer Tiffany Tso, who's every bit as busy working on her blog Austin is Burning and amazing projects like this look book for Dog and Pony as she is gorgeous. Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot. I hope you like them!

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