Friday, December 23, 2011

Hello there! If you're wondering why I haven't posted in a couple weeks, it's not that I've forgotten about you, I've just been working on a new, spiffier website/blog for the holidays.

Come visit us at and let me know how you like the new site.

Friday, December 2, 2011

FEV sneak peek: Dana Falconberry

For our most recent Femme et velo shoot this past Sunday, I was thrilled to shoot one of my best friends and one of the most beautiful women I know, the super talented musician Dana Falconberry. I love making Dana model for me (check out this previous Dana's Picks post on the blog) and I love making her play dress up, so this was just another Sunday afternoon for us. Dana's music is all about the beauty and wonder of nature, so  it seemed appropriate for the boys and I to packed her and my old red cruiser into the van and take off for the woods. 

Zach and Mike are always going on long bike rides through the country, so we headed for a little spot they'd found towards Manor...

Off we go!

I have the most stylish photographers.

I mean, come on, right?

Ah! Love this girl!

Just hangin' out under the bridge, is all...

Us and the buzzards.

We found this beautiful property...

It was still green.

I like this shot a lot.

Sometimes we shoot and we could be anywhere, but I felt very Texas today.

This look was my favorite.

Dana's new album cover, perhaps?

Oh, to be alive!

Don't be mad, Zach, we'll shoot again next week.

Such a wonderful model!

Looks good, guys. Can't wait to see Mike and Zach's photos come Monday!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forbidden Vices

`I had the best Sunday ever... Waffle brunch at my house? Check. Femme et velo photo shoot with my beautiful friend Dana Falconberry? Check. Turn the Swan Dive into an opium den with seven hot hussies in tow? Double check! 

Allyson and I, with the help of Summer Lawson from Black Swan Theory Vintage, styled up some of my favorite trashy ladies with teased wigs, smokey eyes, and barely there vintage underpinnings to evoke the atmosphere of an Oriental drug den for this month's Vintage Vivant. Whether you were too baked to make it out, or too high to remember the evening, here are some photos of everyone enjoying their vices. This amazing party is always the last Sunday of the month, so come out and play with us!

Here are the harlots:
 Erin, Fiona, and Shelley...

Sarah, and her absinthe cocktail




That hair!

Tracy and her opium pipe

Allyson, the wig wizard herself

Love these wonderful ladies

Damn, girls.



Off duty harlot

Me looking tired, Drea looking darling

Drea and Diamond, who just happened to have 
this gold cigarette holder lying around.

Our cocaine coquettes were the only fabulously attired bunch. 
There were so many amazing costumes that night, including..

Drew, with his intravenous absinthe drip

Colin and Angel, in full Imperial Court attire

Love all this red

Absinthe fairy, in a custom wig from Coco Coquette

Lovely Miss Summer and her man

What a babe, Jackie!

Elizabeth, looking stunning

Becky and Margot 
(love these girls)

Another gorgeous green fairy

Lovely Marley

Nora, setting the bar high for all who enter

Shayne and Joshua,
what a stylish pair

Steampunk absinthe camelback.
Wish I'd thought of that.

Angel in Devaki's amazing fur-lined photo den

Weston darling, you have something in your mustache.

Raven came in the most amazing Chinese dragon outfit

Gina, otherwise known as Gin Seng, who showed up with Kitty...

... and this amazing get up on under her coat.

And pot leaf panties.

I don't know what this is, but I love it.

Scott, getting slapped around

Photo time

Sick and Professor Reese Gray,
singing the night away

Amelia, you're a vision, nose bleed and all.


Frannie as Snow White, about to perform

Oh my!

And forbidden apples for the whole audience!

Ladies and gentlemen, Billy Beasty

Happy Birthday, Sara!

You, sir, have out glittered me. Time to call it a night.

Hope you all had fun, and see you next month!